Saturday, September 26, 2015

Stacking the Shelves #114

Stacking The Shelves is hosted by Tynga’s ReviewsIt is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks.

From Amazon:

Play With Me
(Grover Beach Team #1)
Anna Katmore 

What if you had to do the one thing you hated most to get the guy you loved to notice you?

Ryan Hunter’s parties are legend. And tonight she’s going to be there.

Lisa Matthews anticipates the return of her best friend and only love since kindergarten kindle reversefrom soccer camp. But when Tony finally shows up, his mind is more focused on another girl. And worse, she’s a soccer player. Fighting for the attention Lisa craves, she’s just a hairbreadth away from making a very stupid decision. But when extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, she’s prepared to play ball to get her man.

The tryouts are hell, the first match ends bloody, and the morning after the selection party she wakes up in the worst place possible—in the arms of the captain of the soccer team. The hottest guy in school… Ryan Hunter.


Reckless - The Complete Series
(The Reckless #1-5)
Alice Ward

Even the best laid plans can be derailed. 
Andrea Mercer had her entire life mapped out—everything from her career as a top journalist to her future CEO husband, white picket fence, and two-point five children. All she had to do was make it to graduation—three more months—and that perfect life would begin. 

But Andrea isn’t immune to the life-altering forces that can derail even the best-laid plans… In Andrea’s case, that force is Jace Richardson, the tattooed sexy rocker god on campus. Cocky, suave, and chauvinistic, Jace is everything that she can’t stand in a man. But it’s either cover the story on Jace’s band, Reckless, or lose the one thing that matters to her the most: her position at the campus paper. Only, as she begins to work on the column, Andrea learns that there’s more to the campus god than meets the eye. 

Will Andrea be able to hold onto her dreams for the future as the sexy vocal guitarist flips her entire life upside down? Or will Jace light a fire in her she never knew existed? 

Both of these were free at time of purchase. Not sure if they still are.

So... what did you add to your shelf this week?
I'd really like to know.
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  1. The cover on the box set of Reckless looks amazing. I hope you love all of your new books.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  2. Play with Me sounds good! It's new to me, too. Enjoy your new books! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My StS

  3. These don't sound like my kind of reads, but I hope you enjoy them!! <3

  4. These are both new to me, I love the sound of Play With Me... will have to check it out!

    Naomi @ Naomi’s Reading Palace

  5. Great finds, Marilyn! I saw Play With Me somewhere recently and it caught my eye. I'm glad you snagged it. :) And Reckless...yeah, that sounds like my kind of read. ;) I hope you enjoy them! Happy reading!