Mystery Eternal

Mystery Eternal
Book Three
in the
Mystery Falls Trilogy

“Although Raynor - the leader of the Dark Warriors and my most feared adversary - had not yet made an appearance, we all knew that eventually, he would. It wasn’t a question of ‘if’. It was a question of ‘when’. Raynor wanted retribution for the injustice Alaric had inflicted upon him, and I was the instrument needed to obtain it.”

Ever since it was discovered that Samantha is the granddaughter of Alaric—a very powerful Archangel who has ruled the Pure for two centuries with injustice and cruelty—her life has been under constant threat. Unable to travel anywhere outside of her home without Shadow’s protection, she feels like a prisoner, waiting for the day when Raynor will come for her. That day... has arrived.

Determined to exact revenge on the Archangel who accused him of treason, stripped him of his wings, and banished him from his home, Raynor can see only one way to reach his objective. Convince Samantha to comply with his demands, and then use her power to gain access to the Sanctuary. It seemed like an easy plan...

As old foes re-surface, and new ones appear, the war between the Pure and the Fallen intensifies. Can Samantha and Shadow find a way to stop it, or will everything they have sacrificed... be for nothing?

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