Friday, April 8, 2016

Inspiring Fridays #1 ~ Indestructible by (Armin van Buuren)

Inspiring Fridays is a post I've created to add something a little different to my blog. It's purpose is simple. Each week, it is my intention to feature a book, a song or a movie which inspires me. If you like, you can join in or just leave a comment below. I would love to see your thoughts on whatever is currently spotlighted, and to discover what inspires you.

For my very first Inspiring Friday, I have selected a song...

(Armin van Buuren)

As an author, I love to listen to music while I write.
It helps keep me focused, adds inspiration, and in some cases, assists in setting the tone for a particular scene.
I find it's not so much the lyrics which achieve these aims, but more so, the instrumental which accompanies them.



  1. I love music! I play it in my classroom and everywhere I can. It calms me as nothing else can. Great song.

  2. Oh this is so great. I will post this next week!!!!

  3. Great post! I like listening to the music channel when I blog!!