Thursday, March 26, 2015

Swoon Thursday 131 ~ Hover (The Taking #2) by Melissa West

The fabulous girls over at YA Bound created this super HOT meme.

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My Swoon for this week comes from:

(The Taking #2)
Melissa West

First - The Blurb:

On Earth, seventeen-year-old Ari Alexander was taught to never peek, but if she hopes to survive life on her new planet, Loge, her eyes must never shut. Because Zeus will do anything to save the Ancients from their dying planet, and he has a plan. 

Thousands of humans crossed over to Loge after a poisonous neurotoxin released into Earth's atmosphere, nearly killing them. They sought refuge in hopes of finding a new life, but what they became were slaves, built to wage war against their home planet. That is, unless Ari and Jackson can stop them. But on Loge, nothing is as it seems...and no one can be trusted.

Second - The Swoon:

I'm tired of allowing my mind to fight my heart. I lean down until my breath dances with his and close my eyes, allowing my lips to caress his so lightly it's barely a touch, but the impact is immediate. He jars awake, and I slowly open my eyes to see his staring surprised, into mine.

"I thought you were asleep," I whisper.

"Clearly, I am." And then in one move he cups my face with his hands and sits us up, crushing his lips onto mine. I pull him still closer, wanting my body as fixed to his as possible, finding strength in his powerful arms and the sureness of his kiss, as though he was always here, waiting for this moment.

Hover pretty much continues from where Gravity left off, only now, we are on the planet Loge and Ari is the outsider. With time running out and Zeus still determined to gain control of Earth and acquire it for the Ancients, the odds are against Ari as she struggles to find a way to defeat him and save her own kind. 

Although Jackson is doing his best to help her, he is also keeping secrets. Feeling somewhat betrayed by him and angered by his reluctance to open up to her, Ari's emotions become conflicted. It is only when she discovers the lengths Zeus will go to, to get what he wants, that she finally realizes where her heart truly lies.

I enjoyed this installment as much as the first. The only downside was that it ended on a cliff hanger and I'm still waiting to get my hands on a copy of Collide (Book 3)

My Rating: 4 out of 5

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  1. Oh wow!! That is a surprising kiss! Love those sneaky ones that become very passionate!

    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

  2. I really enjoyed Ari and Jackson's story. I have Collide and it is in my TBR pile. I need to move it up. Great tease.

    My Swoon

  3. Oh man oh man oh man oh man--- so much swoon! I have got to get started on this series! I loved Melissa's NA books so I know I'll love these too!

  4. Oh that is adorable! I love his response!

  5. I like this! He certainly wasn't expecting that :D Fabulous choice, Marilyn!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  6. AH! I loved that! I definitely need to get to this one, the first one ending in such a cliffhanger! :D

    Thanks for sharing!