Friday, July 27, 2012


Wow! I can't believe another week has past. Time sure is flying.

So, what will I blog about today.

Well to start with, and as promised in an earlier post, I wish to inform you that Mystery Falls is now not only available for sampling and purchase at, but also at Apple iBookstore and Barnes and Noble.

At this point I would like to say, that after a year of writing the story, drafting and re-drafting, polishing and re-polishing, to have it finally out there for the whole world to see, brings emotions to the surface which I find almost impossible to describe.

But I will try.

Emotion One - An overwhelming sense of accomplishment. Fulfilling a dream I have had since childhood, is one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences of my life.

Emotion Two - Pride. Pride in myself that I never gave up. That I achieved my goal.

Emotion Three - Gratitude. I am extremely grateful for the support my wonderful husband and two beautiful children have given me during this adventure.

Emotion Four - Anxious. With no idea of what reaction, if any, my story will receive, I can only hope that it will be positive.

There are many more emotions I have endured during the past few weeks as things settled into place, but the ones I have just described, are the ones that have stood out the most.

So moving on, with a large part of the onerous task of self-publishing behind me, it is time to focus on my next novel - Mystery Rises. With the first two chapters already complete, and a multitude of ideas racing around in my head, I am once again, committed to my writing.

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